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Phoenix, Arizona  June 1th, 2006 -  Proxalert Inc announces general availability of its two new passive UAIS radar systems for the Marine market based on UAIS (Universal Automatic Identification System) introduced in 2002 by the International Marine Organization to help avoid collision between large ships and improve trafic control.

     UAIS Viewer 

The UAIS Viewer displays target on its integrated led display of up to 25 threats and the voice messaging system provide the closest threat direction, course over ground and speed thru an external loudspeaker. The UAIS Viewer can feed the ship autopilot with threat latitude/longitude to automatically avoid collision and send this information to a chart plotter running on your portable computer. Detection range is programmable from 3 Nm up to 10 Nm. 

The UAIS Viewer price is $595 + taxes for the external GPS version and $795 for the internal GPS version. The UAIS Viewer is waterproof (IP65 flush mounted). Dimension 6"x4"x1.1". It comes with a power cable and his user's guide. Simple installation.

Phoenix, Arizona  July 1st, 2006 -  Proxalert Inc announces his Summer Group Buying rebate program. 

 Fly with the Best Proximity Alerter at an unbeatable low price ! 

- Buy simultaneously two units and get a 10% immediate discount (Price per unit : 715  USD + taxes & ship fees) 

- Buy simultaneously three units and get a 15%  immediate discount  (Price per unit : 675 USD + taxes & ship fees)